Volume 1: Making Space for Inspiration

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In Volume 1, we set the foundation to better understand the characteristics of certain spaces and how people commonly interact with them. Just as a visitor might journey through your church building, we start with an overview of the feelings and perceptions people might bring with them into a space and what the Church can learn from this.

Through our research, we’ve discovered key trends regarding what draws people closer to feelings of transcendence and connection to the divine.

Our goal for this report, and the entire series, is to help leaders find value in the physical spaces they utilize and make space count spiritually, no matter the ministry goal or budget.

We invite you to join us in exploring how places of worship, including your church, might be used to inspire, connect and disciple.

Aspen Group - Making Space

Creating Space for Ministry Impact

Our content speaks into current cultural and architectural trends and allows us to design church space that draws people into authentic community.